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As we embark on our 17th year, we are amidst a 90 day countdown to total transformation. We're taking a quantum leap forward and you have not seen anything yet!

During our QUANTUM LEAP series beginning soon, we’re going to run an epic contest on NFTS to help cover the costly expenses in our expansion phase.  We’ve hired a premium web team and marketing director to take NFTS to a whole new level this season.

So here’s the plan.  Every listener who donates to NFTS to help with our extensive expansion phase fund will receive a free entry into our Epic Quantum Leap Contest.  {Check out the prizes below and check back often as we are adding more as we go!!}

There's no limit to how many times you can enter - every donation receives an entry! Donations can be made below by clicking on the 'tip jar' or going here for ALL options for ways to donate: ... Please note the minimum donation amount to qualify for a free entry is 11-.


Dec. 14/2014 at 4PM PST

Live on the Air !!



From Joseph Ghabi, The NFTS Numerologist Heard Thursdays at NOON PST:

-1 free tickets to Joseph Ghabi's 4 day event (Value $1997)
bullet-1 Numerology Chart (Value $397)
bullet-1 Psychosomatic Chart (Value $597)

From "EFT WIZARD" Brad Yates heard alternate Mondays on NFTS:

bullet- a one hour private EFT session with Brad (Value $497)

From Natasha Jones, intuitive healer, heard alternative Tuesdays on NFTS at 4pm PST:

bullet- THREE (separate prizes) of private one hour Energy Reading and Healing sessions, valued at $AUD120 each

Hypnotherapist and Marketing Specialst Garry Johnson of Hip and Cool Marketing:

bullet-1 16 hypno audio set: "Secrets to Manifesting" (Value $300)

bullet- 1 13 hypno audio set: "Hypnosexology" for couples wanting to improve their intimate relationship (Value $300)


From Eva Marie Mora of Quantum Angel Healing, heard alternate Fridays on NFTS:

bullet- 1 free ticket to Eva's 4 day QAH Certification Program (Value $1010)

bullet- 1 free 1 hour Quantum Angel Healing private session ($244)

bullet- 5 books Quantum Angel Healing ($100)


From Elle Tara - Enlightenment In The City heard alternate Thursdays on NFTS:

bullet- 1 Spiritual Coaching Session (Value: $149.99)
bullet- 1 x 60 minute Read (Value:  $99.99)
bullet- 1 x 40 minute Read (Value:  $69.99)
bullet- 1 x 20 minute Read (Value: $39.99).

From Matt DiLorenzo of Coherent Healing heard alternate Saturdays on NFTS:

bullet- a one hour private healing session with Matt! (Value $100)


From Susan Mavity, Angelic Bridge Of Consciousness heard monthly on NFTS:

bullet- 2 one hour Angel Healing Sessions (Value $85 each)


From Katherine Bright, intuitive healer heard Mondays on NFTS:

bullet- a dedicated, fast-tracking, one hour "Personal Intuitive Healing Mentoring Consultation" via Skype. [Value $350 AUD]




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DONATE HERE TO ENTER - every donation of 11- or more receives a FREE entry into the Quantum Leap Contest! There's no limit to how many times you can enter:

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